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2019 is a 1999 business buy/sell website that is today specifically redesigned to represent a business-for-sale in the full material information good buyers are actually looking for, while at the same time, retaining the full CONFIDENTIALITY of such information to the sole benefit of its owner.

2019 is offering a uniquely INTERMEDIATED website, different from others in its confidential presentation, both online and offline, in the library of topical information online and in the hands-on help of an experienced broker on call offline; … different in the extension of a business brokerage.

Special Introductory Offer had become an obsolete technology by the time we purchased it, and has been down since through its redevelopment. We are now more than anxious to return it to service and, as we work to do so, we are offering to business owners, to post your industrial business for sale at no charge for 1 year or until the business has been sold or until you discontinue the ad, whichever is first.

In the event you’d like some help composing the ad or with a business valuation or in the preparation of information packages for release later to inquiring parties, we’ll be happy to provide some help.

This is a limited time offer that will be withdrawn at some time, which will not affect the terms of any of the ads already posted at such time, but will simply discontinue the offer to new postings thereafter. Such may occur at any time, simply by deletion or modification of this Special Introductory Offer.

In the meantime, please post your ad for free by entering Promo Code Get12Free when you come to the payment screen. If you want to contact us, we are easy to reach at 604-514-1007 or through Contact Us, or at Please feel free to do so. We are eager, with real “hands-on” help.

Thank you and we would wish you good luck at this point, except generally, it won't be luck that finds a buyer and sells your business.

Creating a Business-Trader Ad

Creating and posting a Business-Trader Ad is for the most part pretty simple, logical and easily navigated.   Just click Home.  If you don’t know the formats, we suggest that you first click and read Why So Much Information, then next to Sample Ads, and then click Home.
  • If you are not already registered, click Register Now and register by name, address, password, etc; …simply follow the Registration Entry form.
  • Then, click on Dashboard, select the Ad Format you intend to post and begin entering your business information into the entry form.
  • Certain of the information is *required information and so indicated. Other is optional, depending on the Ad Format you may choose to present.
  • If you come to an entry that you are uncertain about, click Help in the Menu bar to read about the particular entry.
  • If you intend to include financial data in the ad, you will want your financial statements nearby.
  • If the narrative will be lengthy, perhaps rather than direct entry, you might find it easier to write it elsewhere (in Word, perhaps), then copy it into appropriate sections of the business-trader narrative forms. Either way okay.
  • With those entries completed, click Next and you’ll be on the payment screen where you can simply enter Promo Code Get12Free

To Preview a CONFIDENTIAL Presentation

Start Here

A serious and capable business buyer is looking for the real, material, quantifying information about a good business; CONFIDENTIAL information quite frankly; … information that would serve to indicate to this buyer, “this is a business of value and interest.

If you happen to be the owner of “this business” and if you would like to sell it, this is a serious and capable buyer looking for your business.  Such being the case, “would not this buyer be of interest to you as well?

But it’s confidential information. How can you afford to disclose that information in a public forum just hoping to attract this buyer? On the other hand, how does the right buyer find it unless you do?

In a few minutes of your time, let us demonstrate how you can to do so, in complete confidentiality.

First, to learn about the material information buyers are actually looking for and how it can be disclosed while retaining its full confidentiality, click this button and read the topic, … Why So Much Information.

Then, to preview just how such material information of one particular business is actually being advertised today, online in that public forum, in full confidence, click Valu4Sale. Similarly, click BizWanted.

When you reach the bottom of either, you will see it is an ad intermediated by 3rdPartyOnLIne and will also see the next steps to obtaining more information about the business.

The first of those next steps will be Registration. A registration code is issued by 3rdPartyOnLine to each member in order to differentiate between interested parties requesting more information, and to retain personal identification in anonymity.

Follow the steps you will see, each as they come to you, and they will walk you through an entire 3rdPartyOnLine mediation process; … nondisclosure agreements, exchange of additional information, questions and answers and discussion between buyer and seller, all in anonymity and confidentiality.

Resource Menu, a BC business buy/sell website since 1999

In the grey column to the right of this page, and every page, please notice a list of topics.  Some describe options and features, some offer suggestions, and others simply outline how certain processes are apt to unfold.  In all, we attempt to provide answers to questions we anticipate buyers and sellers will be wondering about.  If you are a first time business seller, these are particularly meant to help you think and work through the entire process of selling a business, which is really quite unlike any other selling process.  We trust you’ll find practical value in the how-to and how-not-to suggestions here simply for your information.

In particular, good serious buyers will be looking for and asking for material information, right from the start, much of which will be considered confidential information business owners will be reluctant to disclose at the start.  Nevertheless, such is the very information that best represents your business and in the Why So Much Information topic; the first topic on the menu, we describe how to provide such information in anonymity through 3rdPartyOnLine intermediation, in order to at the same time maintain the full confidentiality of that information entirely for yourself.

For business sellers, we offer three different business-for-sale presentation formats, and for business buyers, we offer a new business-wanted presentation format.  Once you have reviewed the Why So Much Information topic, the next topic; Sample Ads, will provide you with a visual illustration of each of the ad presentation formats mentioned.

And again, particularly if you are a first time business seller, we encourage you to invest a bit of time to familiarize yourself with the topics, and to think through the entire business selling process. The information, recommendations and suggestions offered throughout the topics come from real experience and are simply meant to help you to consider and navigate issues that you may not have encountered elsewhere.  And then, if and when, if ever, you may want additional hands-on assistance, we are available and able to help you develop a plan and to implement it, and we invite you to Contact Us.

Business Valuation:  In the Business Valuation topic, we describe and discuss the business valuation processes, balance sheet value, earnings value, multiple of earnings, goodwill valuation, etc., and through our BizBrokerOnCall program, we provide business valuation services; … your option of course.

The Buy/Sell Processes:  Under the Buy/Sell topic, we discuss eight separate topics (as listed to the right) for your information and consideration.  Click on The Buy/Sell Processes and you will find an introduction to each of the eight buy/sell topics, with each more fully described under each individual topic.

Seven Selling Steps:  In our brokerage experiences, we have found a very logical and deliberate process to be beneficial and we describe that beneficial process in Seven Selling Steps.  Click on Seven Selling Steps and you will find an introduction to each of the seven topical steps, again with each more completely described inside each of the seven individual topics.

Business for Sale Suggestions:   In the business for sale topic, we describe and discuss the material business information buyers will be looking for, with suggestions as to how to provide such information in anonymity, both in the online ad presentation and thereafter.  Topics under Business for Sale Suggestions include business-for-sale demo ads and the set of Help Topics for each of the ad formats.

Business Wanted Suggestions:   In the business wanted topic, we describe and discuss the buyer’s material  information sellers will be looking for, with suggestions as to how to provide such information in anonymity, both in the online ad presentation and thereafter.  Topics under Business Wanted Suggestions include business-wanted demo ads and the applicable set of Help Topics

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